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Limited liability partnership (LLP) is a legal entity which offers low or no-taxation to businessmen. LLP combines the flexibility and tax – benefits of a partnership while at the same its members have limited liability. This limited liability is possible because a UK LLP is a legal entity separated from its members.

 A UK – LLP Company is attractive because of:

  • Liability is Limited by the amount of capital contributed
  • There are no regulations on share capital — no shares, no minimum set for capital contribution
  • The partners in an UK LLP are called members not partners
  • All the members of an LLP have limited liability for the debts and obligations of the LLP, whereas the general partners of a Limited Partnership have unlimited liability on a joint and several basis.
  • Partnership Agreements are not available to general public
  • The members of an LLP can be given full powers of management. In contrast, the limited partners of a Limited Partnership lose their limited liability if they become involved in the management of the Limited Partnership’s business
  • Accounts and Annual return must be filed together with various other returns
  • Not required to hold, maintain and record details of the Members meetings
  • Tax: Treated as an ordinary partnership, partners pay income tax on their share of the profits; they pay capital gains tax on any revenue made on the sale of partnership assets.


Bizserve Consultants can offer the following services:

  •     Formation of the compan
  •     Provision of registered office in UK
  •     Provision of director services
  •     Provision of Branch Representative in Cyprus
  •     Provision of nominee shareholders (if requested and/or required)

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