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Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea, about 97 km south of the southeast tip of Sicily. The five Maltese islands—Malta, Gozo, Comino, Comminotto, and Filflawith—have a combined land area smaller than Philadelphia.

Companies in Malta are very attractive and secure a number of advantages:

  • Companies are incorporated within two (2) working days from the moment you provide all the required documents and information.
  • Sole directors are allowed
  • A minimum of two shareholders are required. The maximum number of shareholders for a private company is fifty.
  • The details of the beneficial owner are disclosed to the service provider and are not available on public record
  • The details of shareholders, directors and account are available on public record, if anonymity is required it can be retained through a licensed Fiduciary or Trustee
  • The use of nominee shareholders is allowed
  • Fiscal and company legislation follow closely the British model since 1964.
  • A Malta company has to deduct tax at a flat rate of 35% of the taxable profits or chargeable income from which a dividend payment is made, and the shareholders will then be able to claim a tax credit for the tax payable by the company.
  • All companies are required to file Annual Return, Financial Audited Accounts, Financial Statements and Tax Return.



 Formation of the company

  • Provision of registered office
  • Provision of director services
  • Provision of nominee shareholders (if requested and/or required)
  • Provision of company secretary
  • Secretarial, Banking and Legal Support

 Relevant Information on company formation in Malta

Questionnaire for the incorporation of a company in Malta

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