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JurisdictionTaxationLocal Directors
Publicly Accessible
Record of Directors
Publicly Accessible
Record of Members
Audit RequirementsRequirement to
File Accounts
BVI350US$ *NoNoNoNoNo
PANAMA LLC300US$NoYesOptionalNoNo
HONG KONG0% on foreign-sourced incomeNoYesYesYesYes
LUXEMBOURGNormal ratesAdvisableYesNoYesYes
DELAWARE LLC**No income taxNoNoNoNoNo
UK NON –RESIDENT****12.5%YesYesYesYesYes


* US$350 (authorized shares < US$50,000) / US$1,100 (authorized shares > US$50,001)

** Delaware LLC structured for partnership tax treatment are not subject to US Federal Income Tax and not required to file a US Income Tax Return if they meet all below criteria's:

  1. Members of LLC's are non-resident of the US
  2. LLC's conduct no business in the US
  3. LLC's have no US-sourced income

 *** A Singapore company is required to have its accounts audited if the company falls under one of the following:

  • Entity is a Singapore company with corporate shareholding; or
  • Entity is a Singapore company with annual revenue exceeding S$5 million.

**** When the incorporated UK company is managed and controlled from Cyprus and has its place of effective management in Cyprus then such a UK company will:

  1. be treated as UK non-resident for all tax purposes
  2. be regarded as resident for tax purposes in Cyprus